CTX Journal Vol. 1, No. 1- August 2011

From the Editor

Welcome to the inaugural issue of CTX - Combating Terrorism Exchange! We are the very first journal built from the ground up exclusively for the CTFP community, which has grown to over 160 countries, and has thousands of participants serving in the military, government, and private and academic sectors. "CTFP" stands for Combating Terrorism Fellowship Program, and that's right, if you are receiving this, then you are, in some way, a part of this powerful network.

With headlines like "Greek Police Arrest Turkish Terror Suspect Wanted In Germany" earlier last month, the need for us to come together to address the issues of terrorism has become more apparent and pressing than ever. We hope CTX will inspire you to work with your international colleagues by sharing stories with others who are working in the field to implement cooperative, effective strategies against terrorism - uniting multiple nations, and multiple sectors of society.

The 21st century offers daring and unprecedented opportunities to push cooperation and partnership to levels never before possible. Will we join together to adapt our systems for the rough road ahead? The choice is ours, and CTX wants to report our progress along the way.

I hope you like the first issue we've pulled together. It represents the first step in building on the potent CTFP network of which we are all part. My hope is that we can shape what CTX offers in the future according to your feedback and suggestions. Photo essays, book reviews, and exclusive interviews are among the many types of content we hope to feature in CTX. Take a look at our "Call for Submissions" on page 56 to see how you can contribute; comments and other feedback about the journal will always be welcome directly at CTXEditor@GlobalEcco.org .

We are looking forward to providing a compelling platform for this burgeoning community of CT professionals.

Julia McClenon
Managing Editor

Content Recon…A Sneak Peek

First up in this quarter's CTX, "CTFP In Action" features Mr. Shahab Khan of the Bangladeshi Enterprise Institute, and the Director of CTFP, Dr. Dennis Walters, giving an up-close account of how Bangladesh is developing and implementing a CT strategy from scratch.

The misunderstood, if not underestimated, problem of radicalization at the individual level is highlighted by CTFP Fellow Jahangir Arasli in his article "Violent Converts: Growing Cluster and Rising Trend". He analyzes dozens of converts' radicalization paths and points to eerily common themes which may prove key to heading off this menacing trend. On the flipside of radicalization, Rohan Gunaratna examines the necessity and evolution of terrorist rehabilitation programs, which may be the most "Neglected Secret Weapon" in the CT professional's arsenal.

Almost precisely three years after the deadly terrorist shooting spree in Mumbai that terrorized thousands, four CTFP Fellows analyze the overt and covert financial system which continues to empower South Asia's Lashkar-e-Taiba. Combining their regional insider and outsider perspectives, Geoffrey Kambere, Puay Hock Goh, Pranav Kumar, and Fulgence Msafiri candidly offer concrete recommendations for how India and her regional partners can eliminate LeT's financial lifelines.

As Anwar al-Awlawki takes up his position as the new leader of al-Qaeda, Dr. Bruce Hoffman briefly and simply nails down what AQ strategy has been to date, and may well continue to be, regardless of the leadership change.

Two of our regular columns are also making their debut this issue. Culture is often narrated and defined by its popular arts, and with "The Moving Image," we introduce a departure from the usual analyses of current events and ongoing trends. In the inaugural column, Dr. Kalev I. Sepp draws on his special operator background to examine Restrepo, Tim Hetherington's last major film project before his untimely death. Separately, in what will be a regular "Ethics and Insights" column, George Lober will aim to help keep our consciences in check. Most appropriately, he's kicking his column off with the ethics of obeying orders - an issue that is achingly relevant for military personnel and civil servants alike.

Lastly, the Resources Page will also be a regular feature, and in this issue we've pulled together the websites of the CTFP institutions from which most of you have graduated. Take a quick look: you may not realize how far-reaching your network is, and just where it can take you.