CTX Journal Vol. 6, No. 1

February 2016

  1. Letter from the Editor

    Elizabeth Skinner
  2. About the Contributors

  3. Image Credits

  4. Analysis from the Edge: Information Paralysis and Decision Making in Complexity

    CPT Nicholas R. Dubaz, US Army
  5. The US-Led Coalition against ISIS: Strategic Difficulties and Political Will

    MAJ Wael Abbas, Lebanese Armed Forces
  6. Language Skills for the Special Forces Operator: Access and Information in the African Permissive Environment

    Maj Caleb Slayton, US Air Force
  7. Siding with the Egg

    Dr. Siamak Naficy, US Naval Postgraduate School
    Major Joshua Russo, US Army
  8. Trying to Work Smarter: Fusion Tools for a Small SOF TF Staff

    Major Awe , Army Special Forces
  9. THE CTAP INTERVIEW: The Return of the Zarqawists: How to Deal with the Islamic State Movement

    Ian C. Rice, US Naval Postgraduate School
    Craig Whiteside, US Naval Postgraduate School
  10. THE WRITTEN WORD Not Your Dad's Al Qaeda

    Blaire Harms, US Naval Postgraduate School
  11. JSOU Publications


Militant Islamist fighter waving a flag, cheers as he takes part in a military parade along the streets of Syria's northern Raqqa province. © STRINGER/Reuters/Corbis


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Victor Asal

University of Albany SUNY

Sebastian Gorka

Marine Corps University

Jakub Grygiel

Johns Hopkins University

Christopher Harmon

Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies

Blaire Harms

US Naval Postgraduate School

Thomas Marks

National Defense University

Kenneth Poole

Joint Special Operations University

Nadia Schadlow

Smith Richardson Foundation

Jennifer Morrison Taw

Claremont McKenna College

Nicholas Tomb

US Naval Postgraduate School

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