CTX Journal Vol. 3, No. 2

May 2013

  1. From the Editor

    Elizabeth Skinner
  2. About the Contributors

  3. Image Credits

  4. Al-Sahawa: An Awakening in Al Qaim

    Dr. William (Bill) Knarr
  5. Inside Anbar

    MAJ Brent Lindeman
  6. Maoist Insurgency in India: Emerging Vulnerabilities

    Gp Capt Srinivas Ganapathiraju, IAF
  7. The U.S.–Yemeni Joint Counterterrorism Exercises: The Other Side of the COIN

    MAJ Mohammed Garallah
  8. How Can Leaders Maintain Ethical Command Climates?

    Dr. Rebecca J. Johnson
  9. Painting Guerrillas or Guerrilla Painting?

    LT Edval Zoto, Albanian Army


Shiite and Sunni members of the Joint Security Committee (JSC) attend the First Anbar-Kabala JSC Meeting in Ramadi, Iraq, Oct. 20, 2007. Members attend the gathering in honor of newly appointed Anbar Awakening Council Chief, Sheikh Ahmed Abu Reesha. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Sarah Furrer/Released)


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