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Global ECCO's mission is to build and strengthen the Combating Terrorism Fellowship Program's (CTFP) global alumni network of combating terrorism experts and practitioners, through innovative and engaging technologies and techniques that both enable and encourage collaborative partnership between individuals, nations, organizations, and cultures. Sign up to engage with terrorism experts and operators from countries around the world, to explore combating terrorism strategies through interactive gaming, and to watch interviews with fellow experts.

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Since Global ECCO is a Department of Defense (DoD) program intended to network CTFP students and alumni, individuals who have completed a course with one of the CTFP affiliated schoolhouses are eligible for a Global ECCO account. As a DoD program, US government employees are also eligible for a Global ECCO account. Once the request is received, we must verify the requestor's affiliation. The verification process can take as little as one day, but can also take longer. Once it has been determined that the requestor is eligible for an account, an email will be sent with a link to create a password. Only one account will be created per eligible person.

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Fill out the following form to request an account on Global ECCO. Please ensure that you enter a valid email address, as all emails from will be sent to this address. Once the form is submitted, we will verify your CTFP affiliation and will contact you regarding your request within two business days. If you have further questions, please email
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