These new JSOU Press publications are available electronically from the JSOU Public website, https://jsou.socom.mil in the 2015 publications section. They are also available in the JSOU Library Management System, https://jsou.libguides.com/jsoupublications.

Building Partner Capacity
by Harry R. Yarger
Issue Date: February 2015

Dr. Rich Yarger describes Building Partner Capacity (BPC) as an essential concept for any practical US grand strategy. He discusses how SOF and others might think strategically about BPC in the 21st century environment and also what the implications of such thinking might be. Dr. Yarger notes that there are multiple ways of viewing the role of BPC and of SOF as part of a US grand or defense strategy. In order to best develop this grand concept, he urges decision makers, strategists, and planners to develop a high level of strategic understanding and the knowledge to distinguish between cooperation, partnering, and strategic partnerships among states and other international actors. While recognizing that the Joint Force and all the services and agencies play important roles in this larger picture of BPC, Dr. Yarger reasons that USSOCOM and SOF are presented with unique opportunities and challenges in pursuit of the grand strategy.

2015 Special Operations Essays
Issue Date: March 2015

Each year, JSOU partners with the Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict (SO/LIC) chapter of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) in sponsoring the annual special operations essay contest. The first-place winner is recognized each year at the NDIA SO/LIC Symposium and awarded a $1,000 cash prize. The runner-up receives a $500 prize. The competition is open to resident and nonresident students attending Professional Military Education (PME) institutions and has produced outstanding works on special operations issues. These essays provide current insights on what our PME students see as priority national security issues affecting special operations. JSOU is pleased to offer this selection of the top six essays from the 2015 contest. The intent of JSOU is that this compendium will benefit the reader professionally and encourage future PME students to write on special operations issues.


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