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Special Operations Research Topics 2016
Issue Date: June 2015

The JSOU Special Operations Research Topics 2016 publication presents a list of SOF-related topics that are recommended for research by those who desire to provide insight and recommendations on issues and challenges facing the SOF enterprise. As in the past several years, this list is tailored to address priority areas identified by USSOCOM. There are five SOF priorities: Ensure SOF Readiness; Help Our Nation Win; Continue to Build Relationships; Prepare for the Future; and Preserve Our Force and Families. This publication also includes the Key Strategic Issues List (KSIL) developed and maintained by the USSOCOM J5–Strategy, Plans, and Policy Directorate. These topics reflect a consensus of the SOF experts who participated in the Special Operations Research Topics Workshop as being particularly worthwhile for addressing immediate SOF needs and building future capacity for emerging challenges. Topics may be narrowed or otherwise modified as necessary to suit school writing requirements or maximize individual interests and experiences.

The 2005 Iraqi Sunni Awakening: The Role of the Desert Protectors Program
by William Knarr
Issue Date: October 2015

Dr. Knarr tells the story of Al Sahawa, the Awakening, in Iraq from a perspective that is different from most narratives. Many associate the beginning of the Awakening with Sheikh Sattar Abu-Risha's 14 September 2006 proclamation in Ramadi, where he coined the term Al Sahawa. However, Dr. Knarr contends that the Anbar Awakening, as a movement, started in the northwest of Al Anbar 16 months prior to the sheikh's proclamation, with the Albu-Mahal tribe in Al Qaim District along the Syrian/Iraqi border. The Albu-Mahal realized that they could not fight Al Qaida in Iraq (AQI) on their own and pleaded for help from the coalition and the government of Iraq in what would become a fight for survival. The foundation for developing that partnership was a little known program called the "Desert Protectors." The development of the Desert Protectors and the Awakening movement in 2005 has tremendous lessons for today as a newly formed coalition organizes to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), an outgrowth of AQI.



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