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Saudi Arabia: Modernity, Stability, and the Twenty-First Century Monarchy
by Roby C. Barrett
Issue Date: June 2015

This essay by Dr. Roby Barrett will be of interest to any reader seeking a better understanding of the political and cultural history of Saudi Arabia. Special Operations Forces in particular need to appreciate the historical, domestic, regional, and other influences that affect the worldview and decision making of Saudi Arabia's leaders, particularly regarding the US-Saudi security relationship. Dr. Barrett's monograph is a fascinating, condensed history of Saudi Arabia that focuses on events and decisions that influence the modern political worldview of Saudi citizens. Example include a history of tribes being ruled by outsiders; the pros and cons of alliances with the British and, more recently, the United States; the impact of global geopolitics (e.g., the Cold War); and the effects of regional neighbors' policies and international events on Saudi Arabia's domestic and foreign policies (including its relationship with the United States). This volume explains the importance of politically shrewd and pragmatic Saudi leaders and the ways in which Iran's ambitions and policies threaten Saudi Arabia's regional influence, as well as how the historical fracturing of the US-Iran relationship played well for Saudi Arabia.

Special Operations Forces Reference Manual
Issue Date: June 2015

This fourth edition of the Special Operations Forces Reference Manual was redesigned to support the Joint Special Operations University's academic mission. It provides general information on US Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force SOF. More specifically, this document is designed to accomplish three broad purposes:

  1. Provide a single primary source of reference material on all SOF components.
  2. Provide an overview of special operations and SOF to facilitate a broader understanding of SOF capabilities to academic institutions and personnel who may not routinely use this data.
  3. Provide standard SOF reference data to SOF faculty members at professional military education institutions for use in their instruction.


The target audience for this manual spans from special operations staff officers and enlisted personnel at United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), its component and subordinate commands, the theater special operations commands, conventional force/unified commands and their staffs that may employ SOF in their areas of responsibility to partner-nation staffs, and both civilian and military educational institutions.


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