The Game

Balance of Terror is a two player game in which you have compete over control of a country in a resource-constrained environment. One of you plays as the government and the other as an insurgent group. Both of you must maximize your own goals by undertaking various terrorist or counter-terrorist actions. However, you will face tradeoffs where policies to further one goal may be detrimental towards a different goal. Your opponent's actions will also affect your progress.

How to Play

Balance of Terror is turn-based. Both players take their turns at the same time, without seeing each others' decisions, and then the game produces a new turn based on both players' actions.

  • You control the game by implementing policies representing different military, political, and economic choices.
  • Each turn you may make up to 3 changes, increasing or decreasing the level of effort for your policies.
  • You can sustain any number of policies, limited only by your side's available money/resources.

If you have questions or comments about our game or want to discuss anything related to the game, please post to the Balance of Terror message board. It can be found by going to the "Community" drop-down in the menu bar, and clicking on "Discussion Boards."

This game was brought to you by Michael Freeman of NPS's Department of Defense Analysis and USC's Institute for Creative Technologies.

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