The Game

Contagion demonstrates the infectious spread of an ideology, whether it be Government, Religion, Marxism, or Nationalism. Your goal is to dominate the State with your own ideology while at the same time suppressing your opponent's. This game does not require any prior knowledge of specific ideology details, but rather is based on the strategies and techniques involved in spreading them. Will your strategy prove victorious in this competition of ideas?




Players begin by choosing their Ideology type and given an initial income and an amount of influence placed randomly within the State.

Game Play

Players are shown a map view of the State which is divided into several Regions. Each Region is further divided into Districts. Each District displays how much of each Ideology that district is aligned with.

Players will spend their income on a number of different actions available to them. Once all players have finished, the turns are processed simultaneously and a new turn begins. Income is gained each turn based on which Regions and Districts are controlled and a cost is deducted for upkeep of active Agents.

End Goal

Any player who controls at least 4 Regions or 15 individual Districts, wins the game. Since both players take their turns simultaneously, it is possible to end the game with a tie.