CTX Journal Vol. 3, No. 4

About the Contributors

Major Andrés Fernández Osorio is a Mil MI-8/17 standardization instructor pilot in the National Army of Colombia. Major Fernández is currently studying in the International Master's in Economy, State and Society program at University College London. He has served in several capacities including with the 51st Counter-Terrorism Battalion, the Special Operations Aviation Battalion, and the Army's Combat Search and Rescue Unit.

Dr. Pauline M. Kaurin is associate professor of philosophy at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington, and teaches courses in military ethics, warfare, business ethics, and the philosophy of law. She holds a PhD in Philosophy from Temple University. Her most recent publication, Achilles Goes Asymmetrical: The Warrior, Military Ethics and Contemporary Warfare, will be forthcoming in 2014 (Ashgate).

Major Lars Lilleby earned a BSc from the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy and has held several positions in the Norwegian Army, including multiple deployments to Afghanistan. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in 2013 with a dual master's degree in Defense Analysis (DA) and Information Operations. Before attending NPS he was the aide-de-camp to the Norwegian Chief of Defense.

Major Michael E. Loconsolo is a student in the DA department of NPS, pursuing an MS in Special Operations and Irregular Warfare. MAJ Loconsolo received his BS in economics from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in 2003. He is an active duty Special Forces officer assigned to U.S. Special Operations Command. His operational experience includes multiple deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Latin America.

COL Steve Miska teaches national security at the Marine Corps War College in Quantico, Virginia, as the Lieutenant General Robert Eichelberger Army Chair. He served as a director for Iraq on the National Security staff at the White House, following three deployments to Iraq between 2004–2009. He holds degrees from Cornell, the National Defense University, and West Point, where he also taught economics.

Lieutenant Colonel Rehan Mushtaq is a Pakistan Army officer currently studying in the National Security and War curriculum at the National Defense University, Islamabad. He is a graduate of the Command and Staff College, Quetta, where he later served on the faculty. LTC Mushtaq also holds a dual master's degree from NPS in Information Operations and DA (Irregular Warfare).

Dr. Brian Nussbaum teaches about terrorism and political violence at the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs at SUNY Albany, and is also a research associate with the Project on Violent Conflict there. His research has appeared in journals like Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, Global Crime, and the Journal of Applied Security Research.

Colonel Imre Porkoláb is presently the Hungarian national liaison representative at NATO Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk, Virginia. COL Porkoláb played a pivotal role in developing the Hungarian Army's SOF capability while serving with the MoD, Joint Forces Command, and then as commander of Hungary's SF battalion. He has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. COL Porkoláb holds a PhD in Military Sciences.

Major Donald K. Reed is a U.S. Army Special Forces officer from 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne). He has multiple combat deployments, both with the infantry and Special Operations. His BA in History is from the University of Miami. MAJ Reed is attending NPS, where he is pursuing an MS degree in Defense Analysis.

Major Cesar Rolon Villamizar is currently the commanding officer of the Combat Search and Rescue Unit of the National Army of Colombia and an UH-1H II maintenance test pilot. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence; the Joint Special Operations University; and the Inter-American Air Forces Academy. MAJ Rolon has served in a number of ground combat and Army Aviation positions, and is the creator of the CERO system. He also was key to implementation of Colombia's CSRU and TACEVAC.

Colonel William H. Shaw recently completed a 1-year tour in Afghanistan, where he served as the deputy commander of Combined Forces Special Operations Command, commander of the Special Operations Advisor Group, and the principal advisor to Afghan National Army Special Operations Command. COL Shaw is currently working on a doctorate in Adult Education from Auburn University, where he has also served as a professor of military science.

Roslyn Warren is a graduate student in the Security Studies program at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. Her work ranges from defense budgeting to gender mainstreaming in post-conflict reconstruction; she recently received one of the inaugural fellowships from the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security. Ms. Warren received her BA cum laude in political science from the University of California, Berkeley.

Lieutenant Colonel Ramey L. Wilson currently serves as a general internal medicine fellow at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and is an assistant professor of medicine at the Uniformed Services University. He has served with both conventional and SOF units. LTC Wilson graduated from the DA curriculum in Special Operations/Irregular Warfare at NPS, where he focused on post-conflict reconstruction and stability operations.

Captain Edval Zoto, Albanian Army, is enrolled in the Special Operations curriculum of the DA department at NPS. He graduated in 2009 from the University of Turin in Strategic, Political and Organizational Sciences, and earned his MA in International Relations from the University of Business and International Studies, Geneva and the ISSAT Institute, Tirana in 2011.

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